Soil Amendments for Private Labeling and Plant Direct Shippers


Do you want an additional $4 Profit per Sale?
Bundle with us!

DIEHARDTM Transplant is a Life Saver!

All plant life is dependent on the association between the roots and soil organisms.
DIEHARDTM Transplant contains Mycorrhizae Fungi that grow through the soil by extending its hyphae (roots of the fungus).
Mycorrhizae hyphae are the conduit that facilitates this plant-soil correlation.
As the "Captain" of DIEHARDTM Transplant, Mycorrhizae joins with over 100 ingredients
of beneficial bacteria, trichoderma, biostimulants of sea kelp, humic acid, vitamins
and a water management gel for rapid establishment of plants.

Over 50,000 combined research papers support the use and value of the ingredients contained in DIEHARDTM Transplant.

"This landscape was planted in April 2014. The second photo was taken in June 2015.
Conclusion: With DIEHARDTM Transplant you can get a three year landscape within a year! Yes!"
Elaine Quinn, Market Analyst, Horticultural Alliance

how DieHard Transplant works in your garden

Private Label DIEHARDTM Transplant

Include DIEHARDTM Transplant with your plant shipments.
Private labeling is available in your own company business theme, design and bag size, i.e. 1-2 oz. 

Your Private label maintains a close connection to the excellence provided
to your satisfied customer through your other products and services.

"So far, we have developed programs for over 100,000 private label bags for 2015."
Mike Mason, Sales Director, Horticultural Alliance

Order direct and triple your Profits!

Our experience shows that customers who purchase plants at the checkout stage are sure to order a Transplant Product to protect their investment, and give themselves "an edge" towards having a green thumb.

And, the profit potential to your company is absolutely significant.*

"We work with many companies in implementing profitable programs for healthy profit margins."   
James Quinn, President, Horticultural Alliance

Example for 2-oz. Bags

Cost of 10,000 2 oz. bags: $17,500
Sales Price @ $5.95 each: $59,500
PROFIT*  $4.15 each: $41,500

We get you up & running in Days instead of Months:
10,000 bags - 4 days
100,000 bags - 4 weeks
Private label bags - 6 weeks

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