Healthy Soil = Healthy Roots = Grow Healthy CitrusTrees & Fruit Trees

Soil conditions during early stages of citrus tree establishment are crucial to producing high-yield groves.

Of all the advances made in grove management in recent times the one area of greatest potential improvement is the “soil-roots-trees” of young tree establishment in both reset and block planting operations.

Rather than a single ingredient approach we believe you will agree the use of a “cocktail” of Endomycorrhizal fungi, humic acids, amino acids, sea kelp extracts, yucca plant extracts, beneficial bacteria, vitamins, Trichoderma fungi, and gels will result in better conditions to get the citrus tree off to a healthy start which pays off during the entire life of the tree.
These DIEHARD™ Citrus granular soil amendment products represent the latest in technology for you to manage the establishment of citrus trees during the establishment period and beyond.

The product promotes overall plant health and soil health which in turn provides faster growth and payback for healthy citrus trees and fruit orchards.

Fruit Bearing Trees Colonize Faster thru Natural Soil Enrichment!
What it contains:

Beneficial Fungi

6 Strains Endo-Mycorrhiza

6 Strains Trichoderma

Beneficial Bacteria

8 Strains Bacillus

4 Strains Psuedomonas

3 Strains Streptomyces

Humic Acid (Biostimulant)

Sea Kelp (Bio-Activator)

Yucca Extract (Natural Surfactant)

Horta-SorbŪ Water Management Gel

Amino Acids & Fulvic Acid & Root Promoting Vitamins

DIEHARD™ Advantage - Order Here>>

DIEHARD™ Advantage is a granular soil amendment used when transplanting citrus, fruit and nut trees.  
Developed specifically for large agricultural plantings of citrus and fruit transplants.

Rates: Mix product in the top 8-10 inches of planting next to the roots.
Product should be incorporated into the soil immediately after removal from packaging.
Contents include live organisms. Avoid letting product remain in direct  sunlight for an extended period.

DIEHARD™ Solu-Boost™ - Order Here>>

DIEHARD™ Solu-Boost™ is soluble and is used to mud-in new trees when planting.

Product contains a complete biostimulant and bacteria package to feed the microbes in the soil, add life to the soil to “energize” the ground and initiate the natural connection between soil organisms and roots of a new tree which is the cornerstone of plant health.  This is a unique biological transplant product and the most complete product in the market.

Rates: Mix at rate of 1 lb. per 25 – 100 gallons of water. Decant, if necessary.

Established Trees:

1. Root Drench: Mix with sufficient water and drench at the base of tree. One pound treats 50 trees. Use up solution by the end of the day. Irrigate after application.

2. Drip Tape and Microjet: Apply at the rate of two pounds per acre every six months supplemented each 3 months with DIEHARD™ BioRush® at two pounds per acre. Irrigate after application.

New Tree Plantings: Mix with water and use as a mud-in drench when planting new trees.

1. Stand alone application – 1 lb. treats 165 new trees.

2. Used with DIEHARD™ Advantage™ – 1 lb. treats 330 new trees.

DIEHARD™ BioRush® - Order Here>>

DIEHARD™ BioRush®is a soluble biostimulant package containing our compete bacteria package, seakelp, humic and fulvic acids, vitamins, amino acids and yucca plant extracts.

DIEHARD™ BioRush® increases water holding capacity, soil aeration builds organic matter in the soil, helping plants resist drought conditions. It solubilizes minerals and former applied fertilizers in the root zone and release them to plant roots. It increases the buffering properties of soil,boosts high ion-exchange capacities and chelates metal ions under alkaline conditions.

Rates: Use as Maintenance Product- Use one pound per acre through irrigation or as foliar treatment.

Treatments last for up to 6 weeks, depending on the time of year and should be a part of an ongoing preventative maintenance program. May be combined with most fertilizers and pesticides.

Use and Ingredient Matrix for DieHard Products

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