Drought Protection with Mycorrhizal Fungi Products

DIEHARD™Mycorrhizae: Don't Reset Without It!
Anyone involved in agriculture, especially citrus, fruit and nut orchards understand the importance of new plantings to be able to endure droughts. Fortunately for agricultural professionals, we at Horticultural Alliance have a solution for drought protection. Our soil amendment compounds with mycorrhizal fungi are specifically formulated for new plantings to persevere through harsh periods of drought. We accomplish this by including dozens of university proven, and industry verified ingredients which enable transplants to root out suddenly and completely. Don't plant orchards, groves or vineyards without soil conditioners.

Horticultural Alliance's DIEHARD ™ Mycorrhizal fungi products represent the latest in technology for you to manage the early growth of citrus trees during the establishment period and beyond. The product promotes overall plant health and soil health which in turn provides faster growth, higher yields and faster payback.

Drought And Its Effects On Resets: Battling It With DIEHARD™ Endo-mycorrhizal Products
Reduce the harmful effects of drought stress and yield more profitable harvests with DIEHARD™ mycorrhizal fungi citrus applications like many parts of the country are well known for its plentiful sunshine and rain fall. However, commercial plantings will typically go through periods of stress during the year whenever growth conditions are less than ideal. For example, drought stress can happen whenever soil water levels aren't adequate or whenever a front moves in with lower humidity - which is typical throughout the year. Drought is one of the most devastating stress on crops, and can be brutal for new transplants. Because of the highly managed growing techniques used in commercial nurseries new plants simply are not prepared for field conditions in new, or established orchards. Drought changes a tree's ability to take up nutrients from its surrounding soil and changes the way the tree produces roots, shoots, leaves and fruit. To strive for consistently profitable commercial harvests, grove managers must integrate strategies to minimize the negative effects of weather variations on production.

Early Growth Strategies To Combat Drought With DIEHARD™ Endomycorrhizal Products
As we pointed out elsewhere on our website, conditions during early stages of tree establishment are crucial for producing high-yield groves. Of all the advances made in grove management in recent times, the greatest potential for improvement is early young tree establishment in both reset and block planting operations. I think, after you try out the DIEHARD™ Endo mycorrhizal fungi products; you will agree the use of a "cocktail" of endomycorrhizal fungi, bio-stimulants, humic acids, amino acids, sea kelp extracts, yucca plant extracts, beneficial bacteria, vitamins, Trichoderma fungi, and Horta-SorbŪ water management gels results in better conditions to get the reset tree off to a better start.

Root Development, DIEHARD ™ Endomycorrhizae and Surviving Drought Stress. However, reset trees can still get stressed if conditions aren't optimal. The development of new roots at the expense or delay of additional shoot or top growth is one way a tree can recover from stress. Therefore, use of Endomycorrhizae and Horta-SorbŪ water management gels can go a long way to sustain water and nutrients in area soils.

For example, when nutrients in the soil are insufficient, the tree may produce more root growth than shoot growth. In effect, the tree is "exploring" additional soil volume in an attempt to satisfy overall nutrient demand. A similar effect can occur during drought stress, when shoot and fruit growth are curtailed more than root growth, so root growth appears to occur first followed by shoot growth. Thus, moderately drought-stressed roots tend to explore more soil volume than well watered roots. New shoots can produce additional photosynthesis and shoot and fruit growth will resume once roots have re-established the root-to-shoot ratio for existing conditions. Good water management, therefore, minimizes root growth so as to promote shoot growth and optimize yield.

The Bottom Line: Drought Resistant Transplants and Established Crops Yield More CashWise, strategic water management is essential for vibrant plant growth. At Horticultural Alliance, we are dedicated to helping growers achieve the greatest yield possible. Along with Horta-SorbŪ water management gel polymers, our DIEHARD™ Mycorrhizal fungi blends are proven winners for protecting your valuable crops against the rigors of drought.
DIEHARD™ Granular Soil Amendments: Don't replace your citrus grove without it.

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